Thursday, March 14, 2013

LOTD #9 and some Empties

Lasting color. Vibrant sheen.
Meet the first-ever 10HR stain gloss.
Shine enhancing formula glides on lightweight color that won't dry out.

Last year before I invested in the YSL Glossy Stain, I was excited to try Maybelline's Stain Gloss. Although I do like it, the 10HR claim in the title is definitely misleading. I would say the stain lasts through the morning, but the gloss does wear off after a few hours. The YSL Glossy Stains and the L'Oreal Wet Shine Stains stay glossy for quite a bit longer on me.

The Maybelline SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss retails for about $9, I would suggest watching for a deal on Maybelline products at either CVS and Walgreens. I think it's a good value, and since I do like it, it will be staying in my stash.

Now for a few empties:

I found this poor lonely half-empty container of cleansing pads in my cabinet and decided to finish it off. They are pre-moistened with a foaming cleanser and do a great job of removing makeup and cleansing my skin.

I definitely like them and feel like they do a good job, but to me it's a bit expensive at 28 pads for $7ish. That's just a month's worth! However, let me tell you how big these pads are..... they a huDge! Like bigger than your palm. For a while, I would cut these in half because half is definitely enough to use to clean your face. But then I felt like I was dulling my scissors, which was a bother because dull scissors are no fun! So I quit cutting them and went back to feeling like I was wasting an expensive product. Frustrating. I'd defintely love these more if there were half-size.

I have to tell you, I was *so* glad to finally finish this off! I was not a fan of it at all- it certainly did not leave my legs feeling like silk! I picked it up at Walmart just because it was their lowest priced shaving cream and I thought I'd give it a try. I'll be going back to Skintimate for sure.

WC is gearing up for her first speaking part in a play- her first grade musical at school. It's called "Hats" and as of today, this is the hat she wants to wear. This is definitely subject to change knowing WC. Her line is "There's definitely something wrong with that!" and I have a feeling she's leave her mark on the musical. She's been practicing every day and even took her script with her to the skating rink last week, just in case the opportunity arose to do a quick read-thru with friends. This musical should be fun to watch!

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