Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nike Training Club App

My sister in law is a personal trainer and told me about a fabulous new ipod/ipad app she found- the Nike Training Club. One of the best features is the price- it's FREE!

Nike Training Club is a training app that gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with over 60 custom-built workouts.

Today I chose a 30 minute sweat and shape routine, since I am away from my hand weights. I was able to set my workout to an album from my itunes library (The Band Perry is what I listened to today), and the app gives you audio guidance during each exercise to keep you on track and motivated. You can also access a video demo for each drill. Overall, this simply rocks. I had just told the Mr. that I wish I had some DVDs with me so I could get a workout in since it's raining today. Then I remembered the Nike Training Club and gave it a go- and I LOVE it!

Disclosure: Nike had no clue who Sasha is, and certainly didn't compensate me for this review. I am posting just because I think it's awesome and think you will too!

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Chic Runner said...

I have the app and love it too! It always gives me a great workout and reminds me to kick it up a notch at the gym all the time. It's easy to switch things up and understand what to do as well. :)