Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Working on My "Laminated List"

I'm busy multi-slacking today... working on my "Laminated List" a la Friends.

Thoughts on who my #5 should be?????


Liz said...

oooooooo, girll! you've hit my ultimate laminated list! i do have a thing for the 'bad' boy in "because i said so" (his name has escaped me) and for graham mcdowell. she's a golfer from ireland. loves him!!!! (S has a beard now bc of him….tee hee!)

Smoochiefrog said...

First of all, you can't have MY Mark!

Secondly, Matthew? Really? Ick.

Third, Channing, Paul Walker, Beckham...take your pick.

Kate said...

I truly laughed out loud at that title! As your fellow Friends fan, I got it immediately and totally saw the episode in my head.

Hope you are doing well...been reading but not commenting! I've been sending best wishes for all you've been going through!

mistyinthemiddle said...

Hugh Jackman is yummy, since you asked my opinion.