Friday, July 15, 2011

We Pink Puffy Heart Domino's

Growing up, I absolutely hated Domino's Pizza. It tasted very cardboard-y to me, and I just plain didn't like it.

But have you had their new and improved "Hand Tossed" crust? It's delightful! It's a garlic-seasoned crust with a rich, buttery taste. We absolutely love it. The kids are all about Alfredo sauce pizzas right now, and I happen to like them too. My other fave is BBQ Chicken.

I just placed an order for two large pizzas and an order of cinnamon sticks for.... wait for it.... $14!

I found two fabulous codes on that I used. Here's the breakdown:

At the top of the website, click on "coupons" and then "enter code". First enter EBFP and that will get you BOGO free pizzas. After you have selected your pizzas, go to "coupons" and "enter code" again and enter EBCS for your free cinnamon sticks.

The other fabulous thing is that their website allows you to continue to surf the web, all while watching the Domino's Tracker at the top of your webpage! Whoops- looks like ours is ready- gotta go!

Disclosure: I was not at all compensated for this post, and Domino's has no clue who I am, other than good ole James fixing my pizzas for me tonight. I uses codes I found online and am paying like everyone else!


C. Beth said...

That's awesome!! We may have to use those codes this weekend. Thanks!

Tonya said...

ummm, thank you. I think that dominos may be in my very near future. yummy and no cooking.

sprinkles said...

I sooooooooooooooooo want pizza for dinner now!