Monday, August 16, 2010

Should I submit this to Cake Wrecks?

Should I?

I'm not crazy, right? This totally reads "Happy Will Birthday", doesn't it?

Oh, and come by my office for a slice today. No way our fam could polish off 1/2 a sheet cake....

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Liz said...

SON OF A..! yes, you should definitely send this in! poor cake and POOR BIRTHDAY BOY! hope he feels better soon and you can celebrate him appropriately!

Stephanie said...

definitely send this in! Completely hilarious!!!
Have a Happy WIll Birthday!!!
Sorry about the party and Will being sick!! NO fun!

Hartley said...

Yes, you should totally submit it! That is hysterical!


C. Beth said...

YES submit it.... It does say "Happy Will Birthday!" Geez!

sprinkles said...

OMG, this is hilarious!!! I agree with everyone else, you should totally submit this to Cake Wrecks!

Hope Will is feeling better today.

Katy said...

Yes, that was the VERY first thing I read.....cake wrecks is such a funny site!!! He probably didn't mind the cake ....but, come on??????? Were the decorators on somethng??

Joy said...

TEEHEE that is hillarious that is exactly how I read it before I read what you wrote:)

Sorry about the puky kid especially on a date night that stinks! hopefully he will feel better and get to party it up soon

Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

Despite the error it looks absolutely delicious, I wish I could have some right now... YUMMY!! :) Hazel


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