Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coach Poppy Fun

You know I'm a Coach girl.... and they have the coolest thing going on right now - The Poppy Project.

If you tweet this message...

Grow, Poppy! Grow! Spread #CoachPoppy love around the web and win prizes with #SashaSaysBlog

...the Poppy pattern on the side of this blog will grow, and so will your chances of spotting and winning prizes. You can even add other hashtags like #stars and #pink (of course!) to see what makes the pattern grow and change.

If you happen to spot a Coach Poppy bag in the pattern, click it! That'll win you a prize from Coach- a $100 Coach gift card.

Note: This is not an advertisement, and Coach has no clue who Sasha is, it's just a fun little Coach project that might just win us some prizes!

1 comment:

Crownd Vic said...

Very cool! I tweeted and added #purple ! (@CrowndVic)