Monday, August 9, 2010

Another fabulous weekend at the lake

We had such a great weekend at the lake... sometimes I really hate being "city folk" and miss growing up in a smaller town and spending the weekends out in the country and at the lake. Maybe someday......

The Wild Child was dying to try skiing- is she my child???- and was very patient, listened, and tried so hard and actually got up for a bit. She loved it and wanted to try again!

And this totally blew me out of the water (pun!) but even The bashful Politician gave it a try!

The Wild Child said "P, keep your knees bent and your bottom down- those are your instructions" and we all died laughing. She tried three times and she's already an expert!

I am sad for the end of summer to be here, but we've had some great family adventures this summer.


Katy said...

Basically, we just need lake houses...ah, yes!!!
I love going to the lake, we haven't been in 3 years. :( Glad you all had a nice time.

Yellow Beads said...

oh how fun...we had rain all

Abbi said...

um...we LOVE the lake!! so much fun!
the kids just brought back terrible memmories of my parents making me ski! i was terrified! i was probably bout the same age as these kids!
but now i love it!
looks like yall had a great time!