Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Running Find: Sweaty Bands

My bloggy friend Katy at KatyShops had a post about Sweaty Bands last week and I just had to order some. (That's the shopaholic in me!)

It looked like just what I have been looking for - I have always had a hard time keeping my fine hair pulled back when I run, and since I have bangs, it's all the more complicated. I tried several of those trendy thin bands I see the college girls wearing, but they kept sliding up toward the top of my head and didn't work at all. Bobby pins and old plastic headbands work, but don't look or feel good.
I am happy to report that Sweaty Bands stay put and don't slip up at all! And they don't squeeze my head at all and are very comfortable!

I'm already planning my next order, so if you are local and want to include one with my order to save shipping, let me know.

I ordered the brown polka dot one for me, and the pink "Absolutely Dangerous" one for The Wild Child", because, well, she is!

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Joy said...

i think these are the bands they were giving away at the nashville music city marathon, my SIL got some and she loved them but I couldn't remember what they were called