Monday, December 14, 2009

This is why I love the internet

I am sure you have heard me go on and on about Curious George and how much I've always loved him. I even did P's nursery in CG back in 2003, even before the new movie came out and the PBS show started and he became such a big deal again

Of course I broke down the door to Target to get George's new movie, A Very Monkey Christmas when it came out this year. We have watched it over and over and it's absolutely adorable and both kids love it.

Small problem, though. P started singing songs from the movie, but he was singing them all wrong and it was driving me batty! I tried to decipher the words myself, but was having a rough time and feeling like we were "kissing this guy."

George and I are friends on Facebook, so I left him a little note on his wall and asked for some lyrics. And lo and behold, George posted some lyrics for me (and so far 42 people like it!). And maybe the Man with the Yellow Hat did it, but hey, I've got my lyrics!

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