Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making My Way Through My Millions of Mascaras

I picked this up locally for retail price in Blackest Black.

First, it was sort of greyish. And I just did not like the ball applicator- I ended up with large clumps everywhere and had to go back with an eyelash comb and separate my lashes after using this mascara. I never have to do that!

I have to admit this ended up in the trash- I just couldn't get a good result from it and did not like it at all.

Have you tried it? Did you like it?


Smoochiefrog said...

With the way Selma Hayak raves about it in the commercial, you'd think it would be fantabulous.

Maybe your eyes just don't like Selma Hayak sponsored items. :)

The best stuff I've found is the Lash Blast by Maybelline. It's the easiest to put on M and K and the easiest to take off.

Brandy said...

I am glad you wrote about this. A worker at Walmart was pushing this product today and I almost bought it, but had just bought mascara a few weeks ago so I thought twice about it. I won't bother now.

Sasha said...

Smoochiefrog- I have the Lash Blast Length and I'm a little meh about it. I need to try the original I think.

Brandy- yes, I'd skip it if I were you. Lots of other good ones to try!