Friday, December 11, 2009

Note on Fridge at Work


Cornelia said...

I've had people eat my food from the fridge at work too. That is just wrong!

Lipstick said...

oooh, so very wrong!!! way to go for leaving a note!

BTW your nails look fabulous!

Guess what-I saw someone today with purple nails (OPI, she said) and get this-it looked awesome. I am going to try and buy some tomorrow.

Erin said...

That note is way too tame! You should see some of the ones left on our community fridge at work...especially now when everyone brings in holiday goodies. They want heads if you take their slice of pie!
Sorry someone took your pudding - that stinks.

Sasha said...

Lipstick- thanks sweetie!

C and E- I have been putting my name on everything I put in the fridge and so far so good since the incident!