Friday, December 18, 2009

Product Rave: John Frieda Root Awakening Collection

Last May I posted about the new John Frieda Root Awakening collection that BzzAgent introduced me to and how much I was loving the Nourishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner.

It's now December and I am still using and loving the products and have re-purchased them a number of times! In addition to the Nourishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner, I also using the Health Boosting Detangling Spray on both my daughter and myself and absolutely love it.

If you are looking for some fabulous, reasonably-priced hair products (around $5 at Target) to try, I cannot recommend this enough. I did try one of the other formulas of this product line and did not care for them at all- so I suggest you stick with the Nourishing Moisture formula.

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Nicole said...

I use this to and love it as well and use the detagling spray for my daughter:) I always have a 1.00 off coupon when i go to purchase them and sometimes to have gotten lucky to have a 1.00 coupon off coupon attached to the bottle when I went to purchae them. Very reasonable which I love too!