Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not What I Planned

When I was pregnant with The Wild Child and found out the baby was a girl- I was taken aback! I was so sure it was going to be another boy, and hell, I'd saved all the baby clothes! The bargain hunter in me was disappointed that I'd need new nursery bedding and clothes... but wait! I'd need new nursery bedding and clothes! Fun fun fun.

So of course I started dreaming of a little girl who'd let me curl her hair, do all kind of fun hairdos, and dress her in beautiful frilly clothes- and since football is such a big thing around here, I could just envision the Sasha family at tailgate parties outside the stadium.... how cute our family would be! Of course, I'd dress in her things like this:

Yeah, it's not going how I planned. Try as we did to get her in a cute little cheerleader outfit, this is what she wore to the game:

She was still very mad at me right here because I was trying to convince her that the jersey she dug out of her brother's drawer was way too big.....

But once I gave in and said she looked "cool" (oh-so-important to her) the smile came back and we were off to the tailgate party.
Oh, it was muddy. But they had a ball and when WC was her muddiest and looked so happy and carefree, my friend Gina said, "It's like she's at her own little Woodstock!" How right she was.
WC is going to be one to march to her own drummer.... she's going to dress how she wants, stereotypes be damned, and she's going to have the best time doing it. Shouldn't we all be like that?

Happy Sunday! Hope you are enjoying the day like the Sasha family is!

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Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

She's adorable!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Gosh ... you have such cute kids!!!! WC is rockin' her big brother's jersey just fine ... no need for any dresses!! :o) Too adorable!

Katy said...

I hear ya on the girl thing, mine loves loves girly outfits and would dress as a princess (if I'd let her) for school. She's such a dresser upper, but my heavens can this girl eat my lunch w/ her little attitude and unwillingness to mind mama!!!!!!! Eeeek, gets very trying at times.....but I guess we as parents SHOULD embrace our childrens "differences" and sometimes off the wall behavior. and Yes, my girly girl marches to her own drum as, we can be in that club together. (yay, it's nice being in that club with another mom)

Prissy Southern Prep said...

what a cutie pie!!!

C. Beth said...

That 2nd picture is SO adorable!! I'm glad WC has independence--sometimes it makes it tough to be a mom (Chickie's pretty independent too) but you're right...what a great quality to have as an adult!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Sweet post, love it!!!

~Gretchen~ said...

i'd be that grumpy wearing something other than burnt orange on a Saturday, too.

Hope you're feeling better

Jaime said...

My Maddie has a cheerleader outfit (Razorbacks though ;)lol) but last week I put her in her brothers old jersey and put him in a identical one that was just bigger and they were THRILLED! I dressed hers up w/ cute ribbons to tie the sleeves up and a matching hairbow but she looked adorable! Cheerleader outfit be damned lol! I think she's so cute!

Shan said...

Just dropping in from Blite not Whack, and happy I did!

My son's always been one to march to his own drummer, too. I recall running into people we knew at a paint store once. Corey was probably six or seven. He wore a cowboy hat and boots, red swim trunks, Hawaiian print shirt and an old brown purse of mine. Now he's more inclined to wear suits and steel toed boots (please tell me it's a high school thing, haha).

Anyway, thanks for bringing back some great memories. You have adorable children!


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