Thursday, August 20, 2009

O M G Worst Mom Evah

Yeah, we'll have to recreate the First Day of School tomorrow because this is the only shot I got.

I would have said "You'll never believe this..." but that would be pointless since you all know me and probably think this is very believable, and most likely, predictable.

We were running late this morning and had to drive WC clear across town to her preschool and then by the time we made it back by our house to P's school, it was right at 7:52, which is 3 minutes before the bell rings and school starts. So I spent about 45 seconds in the classroom before I realized it was time for the parents to leave.

So this is the one shot we got. And he looks a little goofy in it.

I am most upset that I didn't get the planned "P and his backpack shot" showing his full body.

So we shall set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier tomorrow and try again.

And I suppose we'll laugh about it later, one day when he's an adult and we are looking through his School Days album and I tell him the picture on the K page of his first day of school is actually his second day of school.

But I'm sure by then, he'll be used to stuff like that.


Cornelia said...

Don't feel bad! We had the same kind of morning today. We were running late also this morning so the hubs said we are going to have to recreate the first day again tomorrow.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I'd be willing to be that you might not even remember the staged second day of school shot a few years down the road. He sure does look big! And handsome!

Shanna said...

My camera battery went dead and I got ONE shot and don't even know what it looks like because I can't find the charger!!!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Awww, I think it's a sweet pic! I would have been the mom who didn't get there with her camera, then attempted to get someone to take one with my (OUTDATED!!) phone... ;)
And I laughed at the predictable part, because I think my friends have me figured out, in that same way...
Hope all is well after the 1st day of school and that you've been feeling better!

Stephanie said...

It's still a really good pic of the three of you even if it is not the one you wanted. You all look great. P looks like a little man! His facial expression does look a little on the stunned side.
Also, why is the first day of school a Thursday??? That is weird to me.

Cory said...

OHHH girl!! You always make me laugh!!! Hope you get your pic today!!!