Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And I Am More Alive

but still not back at it.

No parasite, so that means the super-duper antibiotic they gave me Saturday wasn't needed and most likely made my stomach sicker. Nice.

So I'm on nothing (yay!), munching on some mashed potatoes and G2 waiting for the magic moment where I say "I'm Back!!!".

Stay tuned.....


Chic Runner said...

ugh. i hope you get better soon, that seriously sucks :(

Stephanie said...

glad to get a post from you, although I was hoping you'd have some sort of diagnosis!

The summer I graduated high school, I went to cancun for 9 days with my class, when I returned, I was sick for a month. Not sick like I couldn't get out of bed, but gastrointestinally not right for a long time. Maybe that's some consolation?????

Adoption Blog said...

I don't mean to alarm you but I got a parasite in India when we picked our DD from the orphanage...I was sick...Man so sick I lost 25 lbs in 2 weeks!!! They didn't figure out what was wrong with me. A Dr told me I had Post Adoption depression! Idiot! It took them 37 tests to find a rare kind of parasite. They ordered the medicine from the "Institut Pasteur" in Paris (yeah I live in Luxembourg) in other words if you are not better insists for more testing!

Hope you'll be 100% very very soon!


Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Are you back yet? Hoping so!!!