Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buzz Light-ner

WC wants to be Buzz Light-ner (Note: not Lightyear) for Halloween. She's been asking me if I've gotten her costume for about 5 months, and slacker mom that I am, I haven't.
And no, she's never seen the movie. I'm sure she has no idea he's a character in the movie.
She just loves the costume. There's one in the Busy 3s class and she's wearing it about 3 times a week when we pick her up from school. Outside sometimes. Please note that it's August in the (south)west and 100 degrees.

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Erin (from BBC) said...

Sasha - look at One Step Ahead online. They have a Buzz costume for $35. AND if you order by Sunday, enter the code 5OFF and get $5 discount. AND...go through EBATES for money back!

Good luck. Kids and their costume choices crack me up. Daniel wants to be a Transformer. He has never seen the show or movie! :)