Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Jillian,

Oh, Sweetie. I am 99.9% sure you made the wrong decision last night. I think you are too.....

I mean, how cute is he? And genuine, and realistic..... I don't blame him one bit for wanting to take it a bit slow. The track record for Bachelor/Bachelorette pairings aren't too good, my dearie.

(By the way, Reid, if you happen to google yourself and stumble upon this, I don't think your official ABC pic did you any favors and I didn't want to use that pic. You are so much more handsome than that so I did a little screen cap that captured your cuteness a little better. Next time, exercise the Power of Veto if you aren't feeling photogenic on Official ABC Picture Day.)

Jillian, I just don't think that Ed or Kiptyn are right for you. Ed stole my dad's swim trunks from 1978 and that's a problem. There was also some mysterious bedroom issue. That's can't be good. And Kiptyn's mom...... oh lordy. She'd be a fun mother-in-law.

But I will keep watching and see how things go. Maybe you'll pull a Jason and end up with someone you let go (Reid!)? We shall see.

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Kimberly said...

I SO agree with you!! She should have sent Ed packing.... he seems more a father figure, regardless of the old shorts!

Danica said...

I cannot stand Jillian. I used to have a HUGE girl crush on her, but she is just TOO stupid for me to watch anymore. Seriously!

michelle matthews said...

Ohhh Sash! I am so with you! What the heck is she thinking?! Reid is so great! She so made the wrong the decision. Looks like she may have realized it while crying on the bench.
LOL about "your dad's swim trunks"!!!! So funny! So true on the MIL too! Crazy!

Body by Twins said...

I agree that Reid is a super catch and the best of the three. I am thinking of buying some Real Estate in Philly ASAP.
But I am not sure he was that into her. He almost seemed relieved when she cut him loose. Sadly I think there is zero chance she is going to find her "soul mate" and it would work out in the long run.

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

LOL!!! I picked Kiptyn from day 1 and liked him... til we met the fam. I had jumped on the Ed bandwagon really early... til those awful tank tops and the prom suit from 1975 at the last rose ceremony. WTH is going on with men's fashion, Ed?!

Leslie said...

I am totally with you on this! Ed's shorts and tank top combo should have sent him home long before he was able to completely embarrass himself with his lack of bedroom pizazz! And then Jillian had to keep talking about the "pressure" he was under...seriously Ed, I would have walked out on her if I were you!! Reid should be the next bachelor!! Especially since Jillian was dumb enough to let him go!! Wonder what will happen on "the most dramatic season finale yet"? LOL


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