Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recap Roundup

Yeah, I forgot to take the camera to the ILs, which is where we went Friday for the 4th celebration. We had a fabulous time, but I have not one single picture to remember it by, damn it. I am losing my mind at 35.

So all I've got for you today is a Referral Roundup. Here's a list of some of my favorite things and how you can I can both get a nice reward if you utilize any of these offers.

Ebates referral- you get $5, I get $5. My referral email address is sasha2599[@]yahoo[dot]com.

Gymboree Visa Referral $20 sign up bonus for each of us if you sign up and use my referral code: 100 035 040.

DIRECTV referral- we each get $50! 1-866-GIFT-TO-YOU Account # 10108109

I've got some stores on my right sidebar, so if you are shopping at Sephora or Amazon, start here and click through my link and I'll love you forever!

Hope you had a great holiday and cross your fingers for me that my MIL got a pic or two she can share with me from the holidays!

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