Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Countin' the Benjamins

Last month I signed up for mint.com and have been tracking all of our expenses.

Which is great, but now it is scarily quantified just how much money I spend on health and beauty items (read: nail polish).

I'm not sure anyone needs to know that, especially my husband.

Nail polish spending aside, mint.com is really pretty cool. All your bank and credit card transactions are downloaded each day and categorized for you. You can set up a budget amount for each category, and it will send you email alerts if you are close to going over-budget. You also get email alerts when your credit card payments are almost due, which is fab if you are finding yourself very unorganized like I seem to be these days.

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Body by Twins said...

I just did this too, it's been great. It's helped me be more focused on what I lay down the credit card for because I know it's going to show up on mint.com.

Yellow Beads said...

oh cool, I will have to check this out~!

Chic Runner said...

for sure I'm going to have to check out this site. The bf was just getting all angry at me this morning for my poor spending habits. eeeeeh!

MDO said...

But, "Mr. Sasha" fits him! Men are so sensitive... ;).

Mr. Recruiter fits too. What about Mr. Schmooze or Mr. Negotiator? He's amazing at that stuff!

Brooke said...

I do NOT need to know how much I spend on nail polish. I would croak if I actually saw my nail polish spending added up to one amount!!! No thank you maam!

Multislacking Mama said...

Personally, I love the term Mr. Sasha.

If not that, Baby Daddy sounds cool. Run that by him.

Lipstick said...

I can't believe Mr. Sasha doesn't like being called Mr. Sasha.


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