Friday, March 13, 2009

Are you watching DWTS?

Chuck Wicks
Back in 2007, I introduced you to him and we discussed his hotness. Well, actually I talked to myself about it because only the lovely and lately-MIA Kate commented on my list.
Chuck Wicks is beyond dreamy and makes DWTS so much better. It's adorable that is dating Julianne Hough- love her too! She's the ballroom dancer I wish I was.
I am also loving that Melissa from the Bachelor is on there. She is precious and a fabulous dancer.
Do you think I might watch too much TV?

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Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Big Sister ADORES that show, so of course, we're watching! Well, I didn't give it my undivided attention this wk, but I saw enough to know that Melissa did great!, Holli was awkward... and that computer guy was funny. We heart DWTS! :)

Christina said...

I love this season! Although, I don't like that so many people are getting hurt :( I get to go to a taping on the 23rd of this month! So excited!!!!

Chic Runner said...

Oh yes I am for sure watching! :) It's becoming me and my roommmates 'show of the week' It's pretty entertaining and I'm excited to watch for a whole season.

Unknown said...

Sasha.. gonna putt Hallynd on the line for this 1...
lets see she says there's never 2 much tv as long as u have dvr..
mona & the girls
great blog..

Melissa said...

I think this season will be great! I am loving Julianne and her boyfriend and Melissa! I also think Lil Kim did pretty well!

Holly was nervous and a bit stiff, opefully she gets better with practice. I didn't like Denise Richards at all! I hope she gets booted fast!

Stephanie said...

I don't watch DWTS, but that guy is YUMMY!

M said...

I've always thought he was adorable. Maybe I need to start watching!

Robin said...

I so agree Chuck is HOT and him & Julianne are cute together.


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