Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Stomach Has a Crush On

I stumbled across her blog last week when the bargain board was going nusto-crazy for her Cake Pops and once I got sucked in, I couldn't stop reading. This woman is fabulous. And a genius. And I may just want to marry her. At least so she can make treats for me and the kiddos.

I emailed the hubs a link to her Nutter Butter Balls, and he replied back that he gained 5 pounds looking at the picture, but I if made them, the world was mine.....

We all know that as a general rule, I could not and will not ever make the Cake Pops, but the Nutter Butter Balls might be within my reach, but I certainly don't want a repeat of the Snow-Capped Volcanoes.

So I'm considering myself her new student, and will be doing quite a bit of research towards my goal of becoming The Mom Who Makes Really Neat Treats. Wouldn't it be great to be known as that? I'm not sure what I'm known as right now... maybe The Beer-Drinking Mom, or
The Mom With the Daughter Who Has Some Behavioral Issues. I might be The Mom Who Runs, and I think I'm The Mom Who Looks a Bit Younger Than Her 35 Years.

Anyway... since I know I'll make this happen since I know that I have a fab teacher, I went ahead and ordered this shirt from Bakerella's site:

Can't you see me in that? Precious. And I will attain it. (in all that free time I have)


Anniebanannie said...

OMG..those cake pops are totally the cutest and the nutter butter rolls...mouth-watering-delish! Just the thought of crushed nutter butter mixed with cream cheese and covered in chocolate...heaven!

Oh, made the applesauce cake for my mom and she LOVED it, along with all of the rest of us. SO moist and yummy...definitely going to be made again, possibly REALLY soon!

Chic Runner said...

This site makes me drool daily. :)

Melissa said...

Oh my God, that site is just delicious looking ... baked goods! ahh! lol.

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

I love her site and you know that I also strive to be Mom that Makes Really Cool Treats. Let me know how this goes.... You and I are def on the same page as far as how easy/fast something MUST be in order to try it. :)

C. Beth said...

Oh, Sasha, I love you! DH LOOOOOOVES Nutter Butters, and so these are totally up his alley. And so easy! I can't wait to try them.