Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Apple and The Tree

I think he inherited my mad dance skillz.

Edited: Can you all see this post on Tuesday night? I tried to schedule it to post first thing in the AM, but the scheduler doesn't seem to be working (or else it's user error). Help!

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Joy said...

Um yea it's tuesday night and I see it:) it does however say that it is wed at 6AM but I am pretty positive it is still tuesday

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Awww, isn't P a cutie? Yes, he DEFINITELY has your mad dancin' skillz! Does he watch DWTS with you? Big Sister and I danced til we dropped tonight - we love those cheesy group numbers!

Brooke said...

lol - he is gettin' it baby!

C. Beth said...

Do you have to use word verification when you post? If so, then Blogger's software thinks your blog might be a "spam blog." And for some reason the post scheduling doesn't work when this is the case. I went through this with C. Beth Blog.

If that's the case--under where you type your verification word, you click something for more info, and it tells you how to request TPTB to review your blog which is clearly not a spam blog--and then theoretically they take off the word ver. requirement. But I don't know how long it takes--I got impatient and one of my sister's friends works for Google and got it fixed for me.

michelle matthews said...

CUTE boy!


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