Tuesday, April 7, 2020

New Release Review: The Bachelor Boss by Sara Ney

The Bachelor Boss by Sara Ney is LIVE!

What is The Bachelors Club?

It’s a gentleman’s club—like the dignified men of the past used to have. Except, we’re not gentleman, and we’re not dignified.
We’re ineligible bachelors, bored, jaded and not looking for relationships. Quite the opposite actually. So committed to being single, we’ve created a high stakes bet to see who can remain single the longest…
Four days co-habitating in a shared work space shouldn’t be a big deal. It shouldn’t be distracting. But Spencer Standish saw me puking in a company trash can, and won’t let me live it down. Cheerful, aggravating Spencer, who wants me to fetch her coffee.

As if she’s the boss of me.

And now I’m stuck sharing her office.
Let’s face facts: I can’t be in a relationship; not when there’s a bet to win—not with Spencer, who loves my uncontrollable basset hound, lazy Sundays, and grilled cheese as much as I do. I refuse to fall for her.

I will be the last Bachelor standing.

My review: 5 stars
Bachelor Boss was just what I needed during this crazy quarantine time! It was light-hearted and hilarious. I adored Spencer and found Philip (and his dog Humphrey) to be a hoot. The set-up for this workplace romance was unique- they are paired to share an office while half of the floor is being re-carpeted. The banter (and internal dialog) between these two was an absolute riot. I loved this quirky story and my only criticism would be that it took a bit longer than I usually like for the first kiss to take place. Once they connected, there were fireworks! Although Bachelor Boss is the second book in The Bachelors Club series, I can certainly vouch that it reads fine as a standalone, since I have not yet read the first book.

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