Saturday, April 4, 2020

New Release Review: Love Game by Emma Scott

Love Game by Emma Scott is NOW AVAILABLE!

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Sikai Solomon is a tennis prodigy.
A mega-talent. 
A legend in the making.
Kai is also the official, undisputed, bad boy of the “gentleman’s” sport with more smashed rackets than trophies; more penalty fines than prize money. The temperamental Australian sells out every match and the crowd loves his unconventional style of play, but when his fuse gets lit? Game. Over.
With the Australian Open only a few weeks away, a Grand Slam win should be a no-brainer. Instead, Kai’s self-sabotage has him on the verge of being banned from professional tennis for life. As a last-ditch effort to help save his career, his agent hires Daisy Watson to spend two weeks with the hotheaded superstar.
Daisy is a specialist in the healing arts. Or she will be, someday. Right now, she’s a broke receptionist at a Reiki Wellness Center in Maui, Hawaii, trying to make ends meet and heal her own emotional wounds from a dark episode in her past she’d rather forget. 
Kai and Daisy are fire and water, but her compassion could be the perfect balm for his hot-blooded temper. His fearless, take-no-prisoners approach to life could be just what she needs to rediscover her own power…or they might end up with nothing.
Because in the sport of tennis, love means zero.

Love Game is a novella, first published as part of the Team Player 2 anthology, releasing as a standalone with bonus, extended epilogue.

My review: 5 stars!
Love Game is the story of Kai, a talented tennis star, and Daisy, who has recently moved to Hawaii to study Reiki after suffering a terrifying encounter at her parents home. I have read a lot of sports romance, but Love Game was my first ever tennis story. Both characters are dealing with intense issues and they were able to help each other so much. Their chemistry was so intense from their first meeting and I enjoyed them together. Love Game was originally included in the Team Player 2 anthology, and this release includes an added epilogue that adds so much to the story- it flashes forward a bit and what we get to see is simply fantastic.

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