Tuesday, February 26, 2013

She's Crafty: Birthday Thank You Notes

Hold on to your hats while I get crafty!

WC and I are going to finish up her thank you notes from her birthday party tonight (which was last month, but hey, we *are* getting them done!). Over the years I've devised a quick and easy way to make thank you card with a personal touch.

First, I pick out a cute group pic from the party and print out enough to send a thank you note to each party-goer.

We start with these blank cards and envelopes.

I love these boxes of multi-colored cards and envelopes that at sold at Target- just $10 for a pack of 200. The pic goes on the front and we use the colored cards from this set to add to the inside of the white card for a pop of color.

The finished product, ready to be filled in on the inside

I give the kids a choice on what color they would like the inside to be, and of course WC picked pink!

So yes, not too complicated or time-consuming, but the kids love seeing the group pic and sending these to their friends.

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Unknown said...

Quick and fun ... my kinda craft!! Great idea!!