Friday, February 1, 2013

Niagara Ball

Last week P's school had an Inaugural Ball, which he kept referring to as the Niagara Ball.  Too funny... it IS hard to say.

It was technically for grades 3 and up, but since WC was P's family member, she was invited too. I snapped this pic of the kiddos dressed up before we left for the ball. They looked so cute!

They had a fabulous DJ, and the kids at this age totally love to dance, so they were tearing up that dance floor. And also, at this age, they must be used to their parents snapping pictures of their every move, because there were about 50 parents lined up around the dance floor taking pics with their iphones and the kids didn't mind a bit. I assume that will change as they get older, but it was cute that they didn't mind and were even posing.

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