Tuesday, May 8, 2012


What's Shorterest? 

It's when an idea you've seen on Pinterest, that looks really neat and easy, turns out to be quite time-consuming. So as you do most things in your life- you figure out how to short-cut it.

Short-cut + Pinterest = Shorterest.

I saw this project a few weeks ago and thought it looked genius- I mean, considering my second child has no baby book and she's 6 (so sorry WC!), there's no way I could actually journal the events of my day... but only one line per day? Hell, even I can do that! And I have a date stamp at work! And a paper cutter too!

This project seemed made for non-crafty slackers like me.

So I gathered up my supplies: a cute box I picked up some time ago in the Dollar Spot at Target, a few packages of 4X6 lined index cards, and my date stamp and stamp pad. Don't go trying to look for this particular box- it's long-gone I'm sure. But I bet you can find something else suitable.

And I quickly figured out that my date stamp wasn't going to work because it has my initials below the date. I tried various covering-up methods, but I got a headache within a few minutes and gave that up. I just decided to hand label the dates.

And then taking into account the size of my box and the fact that I wanted to be able to write more than 4 words per day (I can be wordy given the opportunity), I decide not to cut the cards in half.... but just to cut them to fit. So I just took off half an inch.

So voila! Here is my finished product! I figure I don't need the monthly dividers... after I journal each day, I'm just going to stick that day at the back. Less work for me!

It's Shorteresting!

Have you Shorterested anything?


Kelly said...

What an adorable idea!!!

sprinkles said...

That's a really cute idea. Only I don't think I would probably do it daily. I'd put it off, thinking that I could do it the next day. When the next day came around, I'd tell myself I was too busy to do that and put it off until the next day and so on and so one until finally I wouldn't remember what I did when. lol

Marissa said...

cute! i love it.

Rulissa @ Mustard Seeds in Oklahoma said...

Perfect!! I pinned that same idea -but,of couse, I haven't done it yet!!! Now comes the hard part- writing something EVERYDAY!!! :-)

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Um, of course I 'Shorterest.' You know I don't look at ANY idea, on pinterest, a blog, an email... and DON'T try to do it easier. ;) If it can't be done easier, I just don't do it. Shorterest... love that!