Friday, May 11, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Kate from The Small Things Blog has been doing a great series this week about bloggers and their purses and the contents. I love seeing what other people carry and what's inside, so I thought I'd show mine.

I'm currently carrying my beloved Coach Parker Shoulder bag in Violet. Love love love this bag! The side pockets are perfect for my cell and make it super-easy to find when it rings. (*If* I hear it, I'm notorious for not hearing my phone ring!)

1. Wallet- Hobo International Nancy in black. One of our babysitters recommended this brand to me, and I LOVE this wallet. I have a zillion things in there and it holds it all nice and cozy and it's absolutely perfect.

2. Notecard binder from Real Simple, purchased a few years ago a Target. I use this for password hints and random notes.

3. Checkbook. I ordered the cover to match my checks sometime back. Yes, I *still* write some checks!

4. 2 card holders from Real Simple, purchased from Target a few years ago. I keep loyalty cards, library cards, and gift cards in these.

5. Card case from Allisa Jacobs. I have some of my blog business card in there. Guess I need to hand some out!

6. Mini flashlight my mom got me- I have used this more times than I thought I would.

1. Plastic snap case from the Dollar Spot at Target. This holds CVS ExtraCare Bucks and coupons I plan to use soon. Contents are ever-changing based on weekly sales and grocery lists.

2. Powder for touch-ups.

3. Altoids Smalls in Cinnamon and Extra Desert Delights gum in Mint Chocolate Chip- my entire family is obsessed with this gum- it REALLY tastes like ice cream! Like Aunt Monica, I will *always* have gum.

4. Poshe Cuticle Care (used several times a day to keep cuticles moisturized) and Avon Cuticle Oil Pen (used for NOTD shots).

5. Methyl B-12 pills (I am B-12 Deficient Anemic and take one mid-day for a pick-me-up) and a hairbrush (I have super-fine hair that gets tangled if I stand up, not to mention the Oklahoma wind sweeping down the plain!).

6. Advil. Seems like someone always needs some.

7. Delux Tintstik in Dot (discontinued of course), Bite High Pigment Pencil in Bramble, and Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Havana. Ever-changing, no day's lipstick is the same.

8. A pen. I usually have a mechanical pencil (accountant check-in!), but seems like someone (cough cough P) made off with it.

9. Crystal Light packets in Raspberry Lemonade.

Want to show what's in your bag? Holler and I can feature it on Sasha Says.


Erin said...

I wouldn't dare show the contents of my messy bag, but must give a shout-out to a fellow mechanical pencil lover. I don't leave the house without one of my beloved Papermate Sharpwriter's (twist style, baby!) safely in tow. I'm way too busy to be bothered with sharpening.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that purse! Verrry cute!

It's funny that we all enjoy seeing what's in each other's purses!

P.S. You may have mentioned it before, but where are you from in Oklahoma? Hubby is from Stillwater. His brother and our sister-in-law live in Edmond. :)