Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 365: The Weekend

Project 365: 01-06-12

Sephora by OPI "That's My Fuschia Husband!"

Project 365: 01-07-12

WC with her new art set purchased with a Christmas gift card

Project 365: 01-08-12

The birthday that never ends! WC invited friends to see the new Chipmunks movie with her on Sunday for her birthday celebration. The movie was cute, although I missed quite a bit making eleventy billion trips to the bathroom!


sprinkles said...

OMG, I freaking LOVE that cupcake cake!!! I think I need one of those for my next birthday. lol

WC is getting so big!

Sasha said...

Sprinkles, we got that at Target- I am against Cupcake Cakes as a general rule, but I love this one!