Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dog I Really Didn't Want

The dog I really didn't want is now the dog I can't imagine not having! She's my little velcro-dog... always underfoot, following me around. So very excited to see me, which is nice because the other two small things in my house are always complaining about the lack of snack choices in our pantry.

So I'm thinking about getting her one of these PetHub Smartphone ID Tags- doesn't that look genius? Amazon has them for $12.50 plus $1.50 shipping and they come in a few different colors, so you don't have to put a pink tag on Butch if that's not his signature color.

From the description on Amazon:

The bar code and web address both point to a free profile for your pet at PetHub's website. This means you can change what's displayed without needing to modify the physical tag. No sign-up fees, no annual fee for the Bronze Subscription. Ever. Just the cost of the tag.

What kind of tag does your dog have? Bella is currently sporting a pink heart tag I printed our phone number on at the Walmartz.

Disclosure: This post contains an Amazon referral link.


Smoochiefrog said...

Jill has a bone with her name and our number on it. We got it at Petsmart. :)

C. Beth said...

Our dog has a pretty boring tag. But he is microchipped, so if he gets lost, a vet or shelter can scan him and find out whose he is. :)

Slim said...

I got Dood a cute hammered copper tag off etsy. They have some adorable dog tags there!!

Unknown said...

We'd LOVE to get Bella in a PetHub tag! And...I'll give you $ can use code FBFAN on our website (not Amazon, unfortunately) to get $10 off tags or collars :) BTW...I'm the outreach/social media/customer service/everything gal over at PetHub :D

Love the blog...excited to have found it!