Monday, January 23, 2012

Project 365: Last Week

Project 365: 01-16-12

Swatching SinfulColors Sugar Sugar for Manicure Mommas

Project 365: 01-17-12

Yay for Little Debbie seasonal Marshmallow Supremes! I can NEVER find them!

Project 365: 01-18-12

Look who got a little haircut- MUCH better! She can see!

Project 365: 01-19-12

I am loving how this pic in sepia looks in my new Pier 1 frame.

Project 365: 01-20-12

Comparing Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush in Rose vs. the new Pink

Project 365: 01-21-12

Love my $3 Big Lots find- Unchartered TerriTori

Project 365: 01-22-12

More Physicians Formula goodies- the new Matchmaker bronzer and blush

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