Friday, September 9, 2011

New Fall TV Shows: What Will You Be Watching?

Last night I was reading my most favorite TV Guide issue of the year- the fall preview issue. I am such a dork! I've been religiously reading TV Guide cover to cover since the whole Who Shot JR? debacle.

I think I've got my must-sees narrowed down to two.

The Playboy Club

Pan Am

What new shows do you plan on checking out?


WildHeart said...

Let me know if these are any good ;)
I have very limited tv-watching time, so I usually stick to my tried-and-true faves: Project Runway (including repeats, but there's a new season aired on Lifetime every Thurs.), any Top Chef incarnation, any Law and Order, true crime documentary, and cartoons (w/ my lovely daughter). There are some awesome, funny, trippy cartoons out there now--lucky me!
I guess I do watch a lot of TV.

Crystal said...

hmm curious about those two shows, guess it will take some time before they arrive here in Belgium. I got gossip girl season 4 on dvd for my b-day so i will be watching that, and now i am waiting for true blood season 4 on dvd. There is not much more on the tv that interests me, i am soooo over all the talent shows (big yaaawn) so currently that leaves not much to watch :)