Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Drinks!

Thought I'd join in on Top 2 Tuesday at The Undomestic Momma.... because I need a drink today! (But isn't it just Monday??????)

1. I have a ice-cold can of full-sugar Coke every.single.morning. Can't live without it! It's my coffee!

2. My alcoholic drink of choice for years has been Mike's Light Hard Lemonade or Cranberry Lemonade. 98 calories of pure bliss! (note that it was hard as hell to find that information out!)

Last fall, I started having trouble finding it, and a beer delivery guy at Target told me it was discontinued..... which led to my devastation and also to this:

Note that the Shiner box and the one next to it are full of Mike's Light.... you just can't see it!

But guess what? They really just reformulated it..... now it's spelled "Lite" (stupid spelling!) and has 109 (Lemonade) and 119 calories (Cranberry Lemonade).

I'm super glad it's still around, but I might not have stocked up for Y2K if I had know this tid-bit of info! Well, maybe I still would have..... having that stash in my garage is quite a conversation starter. :-)


Anonymous said...

Visiting from Top 2 Tuesday~ you can never go wrong with an ice cold coke... especially on a hot day~ love it!

annies home said...

we agree on coke but I will have a diet please come see what I said were my top 2 at

katmcd said...

I'm a full sugar coke girl too. I can't stand diet coke.

Beth McC. said...

There is nothing better than an Ice Cold Coke!!

Unknown said...

following you from T2T!

hope you follow back=)

i also love Coke...