Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's All Be Country Chic

Yesterday P and I ran by the mall to grab him some shoes for Easter Sunday, and I stopped in Bath and Body Works to check out the new Country Chic scent that I had been hearing about. A blend of wildflowers, woods, and citrus. Since I am so sensitive to smells, I have to try them out before I buy. As in, put it on and see how I feel about it 2 hours later.

It's delightful! You know I have The Spring Fever, and this fits right in!

But I did not want to brave the mall again, so I just did my purchase online and got quite a great deal, so I thought I'd share it with you- I got 5 full-sized products for $33, shipped. And don't forget about ebates.....

1. I went through ebates and will be getting 3% back.
2. Right now BBW is running a special- Buy 3, Get 2 Free.
3. I used code S114069 to get $10 off.
4. Even after tax and shipping, I figure I saved a few bucks compared to going back to the mall.

What scents are you loving for Spring?


sprinkles said...

I LOVE BBW!!!!!!

Are you in their monthly club thingie? It only lasts until the end of May. You go in once a month on a Thursday and they give you free products. I'm hoping they'll extend it out and do it for the rest of the year.

I got some of that Country Chic lotion a couple of weeks ago - I had a coupon for a free sample size of it.

Laura said...

I still love wearing Philosophy fragrances. Once I find one I like, I tend to stay with it.