Friday, October 29, 2010

Couch to 5K

I got a great email from a Sasha Says reader the other day:

Hi Sasha-

You clued me in to Couch to 5k a few years ago and even were kind enough to send me your spreadsheet. I stopped and started a few times but finally followed through. I ran my first 5k today and owe it in large part to you.


That little spreadsheet has been emailed around hundreds of times and I love love love hearing about other moms who have followed the plan (taken from and ran a 5K.

When I started the plan on my treadmill about 7 years ago, I had a rough time keeping track of when I was supposed to run and when I was supposed to take a walk break. So the accountant in me created a spreadsheet to help me keep track.

This week I uploaded the spreadsheet, which shows the 9 week plan detailed with stop/start times for running versus walking, to a google doc to make it easier to access.

Couch to 5K Spreadsheet

If you've used the Couch to 5K plan, I'd love to hear your story! I am planning on running my first half marathon in December with Beth from C. Beth Blog, and I am so excited to have come so far on my running journey. If you've got some motivation for me, leave it in the comments.


C. Beth said...

Wow, I was thinking you'd done a half mary before! So excited that this will be a first for BOTH of us.

And you know you were the first person I heard about C25K from too, so thank you for introducing me to such a life-changing program! :)

sprinkles said...

Congrats to you on doing another marathon! I'm guessing you must live where the weather is warm year round because it'd be waaaaaaaay too cold to run one here in December.

I wish I could run, I think it'd be great exercise. But I never really enjoyed it all that much. And now I have a bad hip so it'll likely never happen.

Becky C. said...

Good luck on your half. I am running my first one in three weeks and am so excited and nervous about it.

We did a 12 mile training run this weekend and I never thought I'd be able to run that far. Once you get past the mental part the rest seems simple.