Monday, May 17, 2010

Amazon Anonymous

My friend Beth posted last week about her recent purchases from Amazon and I got scared. That's right, scared! I know that having a Prime membership has seriously spoiled me... I can get things at my door so quickly I often impulse shop.

I do have an Amazon Visa credit card that gives Amazon credit as a reward (sign up now and get an instant $40 Amazon reward!), and I do make a very small percentage on my Amazon referral links, so it's not all out-of-pocket, but still, seeing this list makes me look like a shopaholic!

So here we go.....

For me

for the kiddos....

Are you embarrassed to be my friend?

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon referral links, upon which I earn a very small percentage....

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1 comment:

rn terri said...

I am addicted to Amazon! I haven't tried their prime, tho. I'm sure I would go wild if I did! :-)


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