Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm just not sure we could take another day this week. The Wild Child had been doing so well at therapy and in school recently. In fact, our behavior therapist suggested we take a break since she was doing so well- she thought we had it under control. It's probably been about 6-8 weeks since we have had an appointment for WC. We are still doing maintenance listening therapy for her Sensory Processing Disorder, doing 10 minutes per day of a Samoas CD in an effort to minimize what her OT thinks is Central Auditory Processing Disorder.
And in what I thought was an unrelated note, I was just thinking that I hadn't done a "Notes from School" post in quite a while. But *this* is not the post I wanted to do.
5-18 WC was loud and restless at nap. While Miss C was talking to a parent in the room, WC rolled over and kicked her multiple times.
5-19 WC had a very hard time listening to teachers today. At lunch she was asked many time to get her knees off the table, and she continued to put them up there on purpose, so she ate in the office.
5-20 WC had a hard time listening again today. She got mad at one of her friends and scratched them on the face. We talked about using our words and telling the teacher instead of hurting others. She did very good at nap today!
And when I went in her classroom today and saw a cookie in a baggie on her hook, I knew that was a bad sign- that meant she didn't get to participate in a birthday snack.
5-21 WC still had a hard time listening and following directions. She shoved her friend in line instead of using words.
I am so full of sad right now....... I figured we would need to go back to behavior therapy at some point, I just didn't think it would be so soon. That's 4 days in a row! I can't put my hands on Monday's sheet right now, but I bet there was something on there as well...........................

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sprinkles said...

I'm sorry! I wish I had something to say besides just that but I don't know what else I could say to make you feel better.

Hopefully she just needs a reminder class and things will get better soon.

Stacey,momof 2 said...

We have kinda had a week like that also...I wonder if the kids are growing and/or the weird weather is making them uncomfortable? ...

C. Beth said...

Oh, Sasha, I am so sorry!! Parenting can be SO hard and I'm sure it can be twice as hard when your child has special needs.

Sassy Gal said...

SORRY! The last few weeks of school are hard on everyone- including the kiddos. Everyone is stressed to the max and tension runs high. Sometimes a cranky teacher can really set the tone....I bet summer getting here will help everyone....blessings to you all!!!

Sasha said...

Thanks guys! We have a therapy appt today so hopefully we will get back on track.

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Oh, Sash! I'm so sorry! (And totally sorry that I've been MIA everywhere lately, including the bloggy world). It prob doesn't help, but we had a rough wk last wk with Sis... she got in trouble at school, too, and I had to come for a conference last Thurs morning. Maybe it's just the time of yr - summer rebellion!
Thinking of you... you're such an amazing mom, and it'll all pay off. It just sucks getting there, sometimes...
Hoping that this wk has been much, much better. (And seriously, I'm glad tomorrow is Fri because I couldn't take much more THIS wk!)

Alysia said...

So been there!! It used to be I'd get a lump in my throat every morning at preschool pickup, wondering what my son had done this time. Wasn't until he had a one-on-one aide that things started to go better. Hang in there! Hope this week was better for you.

Hartley said...

Sasha, this is awful. Your child is getting punished for sensor issues. You should NOT stand for that. 1: Knees on table is a sign your child needs sensory input, a punishment for trying to regulate her body is unexcusable. 2: Missing ANY social activity is an UNACCEPTABLE punishment for a child with special needs, they need MORE social opportunities, not less. 3: Pushing another child in line is also CLASSIC SPD, your child should NEVER be in the middle of the line, always at the back or as the leader where there is more space.

You should NOT feel bad -- you should feel outraged!

Just send me the number for the school, and I'll take care of this! :) GRRRR! (my momma bear is flaring up!).

Let me know if you need anything -- and hang in there!



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