Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life Friday: My Nail Polish Routine

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Now, you and I both know that I don't have a lot of free time. But I've found that if I follow this routine, I can paint my nails at 9 pm, go to sleep at 10, and not have any sheet marks at all. Plus, my mani will last 4-5 days with no chips- I usually just have to repaint because of new growth.

So without further ado, my nail routine:

1. Sally Hanson Instant Cuticle Remover. I apply this all around my nails, wait a bit (you can wait longer that it says), then use the thumbnail of my opposite hand to push back/scrape the cuticles. I typically do this twice.

2. Wash your hands and dry them well.

3. Orly Bonder. This is fab- takes any oily residue off your nails and gives your polish something to stick to. Key to a long-lasting mani.

4. Sally Hanson Nailgrowth Miracle in the gold bottle. Love this basecoat. Watch for CVS to have their BOGO or BOGO half off on Sally products and stock up.

5. OPI polish (2 coats). In my non-professional opinion, the best polish there is. One of my faves is I'm Not Really a Waitress.

Or my all time fave, Chile O Caliente (discontinued, of course!)

6. Seche Vite top coat. I won't use any other top coat. This is a super-fast dry topcoat with a fab shine. Expensive, but worth it!

Now why don't you let me in on your nail or beauty secrets!


Evan and Nicole said...

great tips!!!

Mollie said...

I am a professional... And a totally agree!! OPI- is the BEST.

Yes, next time don't forget about BIG sexy hair products too!

Have a good weekend!

Summer said...

Thanks for the tips and I looove me some OPI nail polish....that is when I paint my nails LOL
Have A Great Weekend
Happy Friday
Summer :0)

Tiffany said...

Stealing this! I love OPI polishes!

Lesli said...

What great tips. .thanks so much, and yes OPI ROCKS!! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend!


Farris Family said...

Great tips! Do you use any cuticle cream through the week? I can never find any that I really love~

Sasha said...

Poshe Cuticle is my favorite right now. I was using CND Cuticle Eraser, but it seems to go "bad" in the tube and gets really separated...

C. Beth said...

You are amazing. I'm totally planning on doing a post about my nail routine soon. I'll link back to yours. My routine will either make you laugh, or gasp in horror. :)

Ashley said...

I love that Nailgrowth Miracle too! I rotate between that and the Hard as Nails!

Erin said...

Sasha....I'd be a bad nail friend if I didn't tell you that Transdesign still has your fave Chili O Caliente color. I always see it listed in the OPI polishes A-Z they carry. Go check!

C. Beth said...

All right, girl, I have my own six-step nail care routine scheduled to post on my blog tomorrow.... I'm linking to you. Thanks for the inspiration. :)