Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Skincare Routine

Y'all. I'm getting old! I turned 36 in December- hard to believe!

The past few years I've really been trying to take good care of my skin and I've found that I absolutely love Avon skincare products. Let me also get this out of the way and say that I've been purchasing these products I am recommending myself- no free items are being discussed here.

Avon has a line called Anew Rejuvenate that is marketed specifically for women in their 30s. It's made for women experiencing the first signs of aging, including fine lines, uneven skin tone, dullness, rough texture and tone and visible pores.

Right now they have the cutest set of all the products in the core line (pictured above) available for $17 ($58 value) when you spend $10 on select skincare. These products are all the perfect size for travel since they are all under the TSA ounce requirements. The website shows a price of $34 but it will change to $17 once you add another $10 in select skincare to your cart.

The eye cream itself (both a day and night cream in one package) is a full-sized product and is a $28 value.

Really, this is a must buy! In order to qualify to buy the special set, I purchased a full-sized Rejuvenate gel cleanser for $7 and a trial size of each of the day and night Reversalist cream (meant for age 40+) for $1.99 each.

My rep Valeri is always so nice to let Sasha Says readers use a free shipping code! Please follow these steps so you can use the code and give Valeri credit.

1. Visit Valeri's site to make her your default rep

2. Log into ebates to get 5% back by going through them to get to the Avon site

3. Once the Avon site pulls up again, you should see Valeri's name near the top of the site

4. Choose your products and then use code FSANY or REPFS to get free shipping

Happy Shopping!

disclosure: This post contains my ebates affiliate link, but readers will also get $5 if they sign up under my link. Avon links are not affiliate links and I receive no compensation for sales of Avon products.


sprinkles said...

I love Avon! Was a rep for a year, never sold much cuz I didn't promote myself. Just sold to coworkers now and again. And now my rep quit so this is perfect! Or it would be if I actually had some $!

rn terri said...

I use avon rejuvenate and LOVE it!