Friday, April 17, 2009

NYC Report #1

Well, my day yesterday was not off to a good start.

Since our plane was leaving at 7:00 am and of course we didn't finish packing before we went to bed, I set the alarm for 4 am (good Lord!) and got in the shower. 5 minutes after I got in the shower the electricity went off and didn't come back on! Girls, I do not have the kind of hair that can air dry! Especially my bangs.... anyway, when we left for the airport, I had wet hair and we had packed by candlelight!

But guess who I saw in the Newark airport? Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light!!! I wish I could have gathered up enough courage to stop her to talk and take a pic, but I was, as usual, frozen and couldn't talk! Oh well, she looked fabulous and so pretty!

More later.......

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Unknown said...

Reva Shayne? I love her! I'm going to be so depressed when GL goes off the air.

Oh yeah. Sorry about the whole power outage thing.

Katy said...

How fun is that. well, seeing Reva that is..
sorry about the power outage, i can't stand that, ugh

Stephanie said...

I totally went to Super Soap weekend like 7 yrs ago. I have been watching General Hospital since birth. Anyway, I was surprised by how beautiful all the people were in real life!!! I mean so good looking!!

Sasha said...

Isn't Reva the ultimate soap character?

I've been an ATWT fan since birth but had to give it up after WC was born.... not enough time. I miss Jack and Carly so bad....

Steph- I would totally go to Super Soap Weekend with you- how fun!


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