Saturday, April 4, 2009

Notes From School: 4-2-09

WC was placed in time out on three occasions today. Each time she responded well after being sent to time out, and she rejoined our activities with good behavior and more enjoyable interactions. She is making progress in this area. :-)

And yes, the smiley face was there. I got a knot in my stomach as I read that, but felt better by the end of the note. This has been a week filled with appointments related to WC and in-service visits by our therapists for WC at school, and we are making some progress.

Our Child Development Specialist is organizing a giant meeting between me and the Mr., our OT, our LCSW, WC's teacher, the CDS, and a psychologist. Whew, it better be a big table! I am excited that so many people are helping us. Life is good.


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

That IS great progress, Sasha! I am so glad you guys have such great, proactive support in place. WC is so very, very loved. You guys are doing great!

Anonymous said...

Sasha, I look at you in true admiration. You are an amazing mother and are the truest example of a mother who goes to the ends of the earth for your children. Keep up the great work you are doing for WC. We love her so very much