Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Glade Sense & Spray

Have you tried Glade Sense & Spray yet?

I was offered a BzzAgent campaign for this, and it seemed right up my alley. This unit is "smart" and only dispenses the scent when someone is in the room! Genius! Why do I need my house smelling good when I'm not there? You all know I'm a bargain-hunting mama and hate wastefulness.

The kit I received, which retails for $8.99, came with 2 AA batteries and the Clean Linen scent, which I have to admit is my not cup of tea. So I went on their website to see what other scents they offered and was excited to find Apple Cinnamon. The refills retail for $3.49 and are also available in Country Garden and Powder Fresh, which I haven't smelled.

The Apple Cinnamon scent is divine. Makes my living room smell "homey" and like I imagine your home smells when you bake an apple pie (although I wouldn't know, I'm just guessing!).

Has anyone else tried it yet?


Jaime said...

I have it from bzzagent too! Honestly NOT crazy about it! I want a room to smell good when I walk into it. This thing goes off when I walk through the room and by the time it goes off I'm in a completley different room!!! They should do the sense and spray w/ an automatic timer..that way it smells good when you walk into in and you get a burst of freshness when you walk through the room!!!

jennifer57 said...

I got one too. I had it sitting on top of my tv and it ate the surface of the tv!!!! Do NOT use it!!! This is a horrible product!