Friday, December 19, 2008

New Blog Idea!

I have totally become obsessed with nail blogs, and I would love to have a nail blog of my own!

But I realize that I don't actually get to paint my nails very much right now, since I'm chasing two small children around and trying to work full-time somewhere in there.

But what about a group blog for those of us moms who love to do manis? Each time we paint our nails, we can post our NOTD (or NOTW as it mostly like is) and banding together, we can be a nail blogger!

Let me know if you'd like to be a contributor! Hopefully I can paint my nails again tomorrow and snap a better shot for a header.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Ms. Katee/e-polishblog said...

I think a community nail blog is a fabulous idea!! Even though I am not a mom I would surely contribute if you wanted me to.

Unknown said...

What about moms who have their nails done? I am probably one of the few who loves her acrylics, and I always have fun new styles and colors! My natural nails just don't hold up!! So sad!!

Smoochiefrog said...

Already told ya, I'm game!

Now if I could just grow my nails again.

Oh, did you know ULTA has their b2g1 on OPI's this week? I saw the ad the other day. I may have to accidentally/on purpose stop by there soon. *Snicker*

A Belle and her Beau said...

oh girl I would love to contribute but that might get pricey - I suck at painting my own nails so I go to the slaon and have them done. I try to limit myslef to twice a month. I just got them done yesterday!

Sasha said...

Anyone can contribute! Even if you get your nails done at the salon! However you get it done, if you want to post a pic and tell us about your color choice, that would be great!

I've already invited Katee and Smoochiefrog since I had their email addresses. Any others wanting to contribute- just send me your email address!

Anonymous said...

Sasha, I'd love to contribute! I usually do my nails at least once a's just a matter of remembering to take and load a picture. (That working Mom thing gets in the way sometimes!)

How fun! I love nail talk.

Unknown said...

Hey Sasha ... every 3 weeks I get my fill/nail change, and I would love to post for all to see. Thanks for starting this up - so fun!!

Katie Ryan said...

Too bad, I bite my nails:(

Unknown said...

Left you a comment on the new absolutely RAWK!!!

Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

I'm not a mom, but Katee over at e-polishblog has inspired me to try to take better care of my nails! Maybe being a part of a community nail blog would encourage me to keep my polish looking good all the time!

Mrs. Everything said...

I'm in! I'm offically obsessed since you posted Katee's blog!!

Thanks again for your eye cream recs! You rock Momma!!!

The Pink Owl said...

I would love to participate! Not a mommy though ;)

My email is if I can play too!



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