Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where Did He Hear That?

That's what we are saying more and more around the Sasha household.

The Politician's teacher stopped Mr. Sasha the other morning to tell him this story:

On Tuesday, at the end of PE class, Ms. P asked the kids to get in line to say Merry Christmas to Coach K since it was the last time they would see her before the holidays.

The Politician was second to last.

When it was his turn, he went up to Coach K and said, "Merry Christmas Coach K. You're hot."


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Anniebanannie said...

Lovin me some P stories!!! He's hilarious!

Smoochiefrog said...

He's a funny one, that P.

Lipstick said...

LOL!!! I love it!

M said...

Oh wow! That's a good one!!

Multislacking Mama said...

It's awesome. I love his phrases!! I wonder what Coach K was thinking?


MDO said...

LOL! He's already such a fearless, smooth-talker with the ladies...watch out girls!!

Julie said...

OMG! That is hilarous!

michelle matthews said...

LOL! THat is awesome! I bet that coach just laughed and laughed!

Katy said...

I just laughed out loud!!! Lots of funniness.


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