Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Phew! I Did Something Right!

Remember last year's Thomas Debacle?

Well, I got the right day this year!!!!!! Yay for Sasha!

The Politician and his friend C has an absolute blast at Day Out With Thomas! These days C is into saying "Cheese" the entire time you are shooting his pic. That's what he's saying in the pic above.

Fun stuff!


Joy said...

Oh how fun, we loved the Day out with Thomas in fact we did it three seperate times!

Kate said...

Your son is just too cute - if I didn't know what boys grow up to be like, I'd want to take him home with me!!

Katy said...

Nic pics! Mr. man looks like you and daddy, but I really see you.

Unknown said...

My Bo-Bo is obsessed w/ Thomas! We did the Day Out thing last year. Loved it!