Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Well, we haven't left yet. Turns out WC's surgery isn't scheduled until 12:30 tomorrow, so we'll just drive down in the AM and save ourselves a hotel stay.
So my main problem right now is how to keep her happy before the surgery tomorrow morning since she can't eat anything after midnight tonight. She can have water and gatorade until 9 am tomorrow though. I got a fabulous tip from a friend to get her some Sonic ice and let her "eat" that on the drive down tomorrow. I think once we get to the surgery center at 10:30 and start doing pre-op stuff, we can keep her distracted.
But I am open to tips and suggestions. I am packing lots of toys and books, including Aquadoodle stuff and coloring books and crayons. Lots of movies too since we have a portable DVD player.
Any ideas?


Yellow Beads said...

oh gosh, no tips, but wanted to wish you luck!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Maybe you could try keeping her up really late? They she might wake up late too?

Angry Toddler can usually go about 3 hours without food before eating.

M said...

I agree with Julie. Keep her up late then maybe she'll sleep late or be too tired in the morning to remember she's hungry.

Other than that, I think you're prepared.

MDO said...

When G had his surgeries, we were allowed to give him popsicles (only, not red-colored because it made his throat red, which made things hard to see). It wasn't technically eating, but it sure took the edge off for him. You could check if she can have those? Good luck tomorrow!!