Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is not good

So last night The Politician tells me he needs to go poop. I usually go in there and finish up the housekeeping portion of the task.

Anyway, as I am going through my bedroom into the bathroom, I see a trail of clothes. First shorts, then undies, then a shirt. Now, I'm totally used to the shorts and undies coming off, seems he can do his business best with nothing binding around his legs. But the shirt..... why in the world is that off?

Sasha: Politician, I see you've taken off your shirt. What's that all about?

Politician: Momma, I always take all my clothes off before I go poop.

Sasha: Well, what about at school? Do you take all your clothes off there too? (Something I admit I never thought about.....)

Politician: Of course!

Oh good lord, so he's taking off all his clothes in the boys bathroom, probably leaving them by the door. One of these days, I'm so going to call a call from the Catholics.

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Kate said...

Now that's HYSTERICAL!!! Did he give you that know the one...the one that says "Geez Mom why do you always ask such stupid questions when you know logic and common sense would give you the answer?" I love that look **sighs** Its soooo much better than the "I'm a teenager and my mother is so beneath me" look. Good times, Good times.