Monday, September 24, 2007

Speaking of Where's Waldo...

Holy crap- speaking of Where's Waldo, I have the greatest story ever. Well, maybe if you're not in my sorority, it won't make a lot of sense, but hey, you never know, the humor may translate anyway.
So it's about Summer 1995 and a few of us from our local chapter are at the National Convention. Each year at the National Convention they have a "Model Initiation" ceremony to initiate some special pledge who is about a triple legacy and a super-duper student and probably a goody-two-shoes to boot. In order to attend this ceremony (and probably 500 people attend) you must wear ALL WHITE.
So here we are, sitting in Model Initiation, being serious (as we are expected to be), and all of the sudden my sorority sister next to me whispers, "Where's Waldo?" I'm like, "What???" And she says it again and points across the room.
There, in a sea of white, is an older lady in a turquoise blazer! WTH???? Who let her in?
So we are dying laughing, and everyone around us catches on, and starts laughing too, and really, the two of us are probably still known at headquarters as the girls who ruined model initiation at Convention 95.
I will say they never did ask for my pin back, and I was cleared to be an advisor for another chapter from 2001-2006, so maybe it is all forgotten, but OMG it was simply hilarious.

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