Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!

No, really, I'm kidding... but the Fall Preview TV Guide is here! I know that I'm the lamest person in the world because I read TV guide and have for as long as I can remember. In fact, I remember going to the grocery store with my mom as a kid and getting excited each week on the day that the TV Guide came out. I always worked the crosswords (sha na na is ALWAYS an answer) and always looked forward to the issue about the new shows so I could plan out my viewing schedule. Now, that has changed somewhat since I now have 2 Tivos, both with dual tuners, so I can in fact record FOUR shows at once! Anyway, in a few days I'll do a post on the shows I'm planning on trying out.

Last year I bought a 4 year subscription on ebay for $4! Isn't that crazy? That transaction combined my two biggest loves, bargains and TV, and made me so giddy!

Yes, I know no one else reads TV Guide (besides my mom), but I really don't care! I am also currently enjoying a subscription to Entertainment that I got as a Christmas gift (soon to end I believe) and a sub to People that has the name of the old owner of our house on there. Now, we've owned our house for almost 8 years, so I have no idea why in March 2007 I started getting a 2 year subscription to People, but I'm not complaining!

Currently going un-read are my subs to Parents and Parenting. Sorry, Politician and Wild Child, right now I'd much rather read about the stars than about healthy snacks, new toys and games we can play together. That's OK w/ you, isn't it?

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Kate said...

Ok this is starting to scare me - I was just reading your comments on Ashleys blog and I think we were separated at birth. Here's why:

*I work outside the home
*We like the same kind of music (anybody who loves Zepp and recognizes Janis and Jimi as musical GODS are a-ok with me)
*Now, I find out your Politician goes to Catholic school - by older 2 went to Catholic school until about 4 years ago when I became too poor to afford it any longer
*I saw you mention something about Boston - are you from the East? Me lovey the BoSox!!! (I'm from RI originally)
There is one thing that separates us, I see that "Running Mom" thingy on your blog - what is this "running"? I prefer to be a huge fat slug lamenting over cancelled TV with a nice Chianti (minus the Fava Beans!! :D)
I'm seriously thinking I should start girl crushing on you and stop stalking Ashley since she already has enough admirers. Would that be incest since I truly believe we were separated at birth??? Hmmm - food for thought, I'll think it over with my glass of wine tonight!