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Cover Reveal: He's Not My Type by Meghan Quinn


From USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author Meghan Quinn comes a new roommates-to-lovers, standalone sports romance featuring the hockey men you can’t get enough of. This steamy, friends-to-lovers romantic comedy will bring all the laughs while making your cheeks blush at the same time.

Releasing November 28th in all formats, check out the cover and sneak peek below and pre-order your copy today!


About HE’S NOT MY TYPE (Coming 11/28/2023):

Word to the wise, never become roommates with a girl you’ve been pining over for the better part of a year. 

You’re probably wondering why I would do such a thing? Well, I didn’t. 

It was my teammates. 

The moment they found out Blakely White was single, they took it upon themselves to play cupid and instruct me on how I should win her over.

Don't wear a shirt around her.
Make her dinner.
Lightly touch her shoulder when you say goodbye. 

I'm so flustered, so overwhelmed, so madly in love with this woman who barely notices me, that I lose control of the situation and make one huge mistake: I offer to be her fake date for a wedding so she can make her ex jealous. 

That means, for one whole night I get a free pass with her. I get to hold her, dance with her, kiss her…stare at her from across the room like she’s my entire world because she has been for months now. 

But when the night comes to an end, I’m faced with two options: bring her back to my bedroom and show her how I really feel, or let her walk away, succumbing to the fact that I very well might not be her type.





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When I see the office door is open, I steel my nerves and knock on the wood while poking my head in.

She’s sitting at her desk, staring into space so my knock startles her. “Oh, Halsey,” she says, making eye contact. “What are you doing here?”

I step into her office. “Uh, I thought you might need a new phone.” I walk up to her desk and place it on the glass surface.

“Seriously?” she asks, looking stunned. “You got me a phone?”

I pull on the back of my neck while holding the donuts, starting to feel even more foolish from her reaction. “Well, I assumed you might need one for the game tonight and everything. You just need to insert your SIM card. I didn’t know what case you’d like so I just grabbed this,” I say while pulling a purple case from my back pocket. “Apparently it doesn’t slip from hands easily. And there’s a screen protector already installed on it as well. The purple is for the Agitators, but feel free to change it.”

She stares at the phone and the case for a few seconds before looking up at me.

“If you don’t like it or if it’s wrong, I can take it back. I have time, so I can make the trip.”

She shakes her head. “No, sorry, I love it, I’m just . . . stunned, is all. This was so nice of you. Thank you, Halsey.”

“Oh sure.” I set the donuts down as well. “And these are because you said you needed a donut. Not sure if you were able to pick one up or not.”

She offers me that beautiful smile, which makes me so goddamn weak that I grip the chair in front of me so I don’t make a fool of myself.

“I wasn’t able to grab a donut, so you just made my day.”

“Well, I felt bad, so . . . hope your day goes better.”

She stands from her desk and rounds it, coming right up to me. Unsure what she’s about to do, I just stare at her as she loops her arms around me and pulls me into a hug.

A warm, genuine hug.

I’m quite stiff at first, but after one second of feeling her around me, my arms immediately circle her, and my head leans in, taking in the sweet scent of her shampoo—it’s like a field of flowers.

“Thank you so much, Halsey. I appreciate it.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” I say as she pulls away. My fingers drag along her slender back before I let go.

Those beautiful eyes stare up at me as she says, “It’s been an insane day, and I’m not sure I even apologized for flashing you. Did I? I blacked out. I know I spoke of a loincloth. Honestly, it wasn’t my best moment.” She flips open the donut box and pulls one out. She then takes a giant bite before letting her head fall back while she moans in delight.

Oh man, I’m a goner . . .



Erin Mallon and Connor Crais narrate this sexy, roommates-to-lovers romance in duet with a full cast including Jason Clarke, Teddy Hamilton, JF Harding, and Kelsey Navarro! HE’S NOT MY TYPE will be released on November 28th, and you can pre-order it now!



USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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